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Picture of Wildcat

Rarer than Tigers
There may be only 400 Scottish wild cats left in the wild

Joy of the Wild

Wild Wonders of Europe is about sharing the amazing natural wonders of our continent with 700 million Europeans and the World!

Many Europeans know much more about nature in Africa or America than about nature on their own doorstep.

We want to change that.
We want to place
Europe’s stunning biodiversity on centre stage.
Using amazing images to create a love affair between us (that includes you!) and
Europe’s variety of life.

Wild Wonders of Europe celebrates the conservation success stories.

Did you know that Europe has the World’s largest system of nature reserves, Natura 2000?
And that there is a wildlife-comeback that hardly anyone is aware of!?  

The overall message is positive:
Conservation works!
We just need more of it!
Whilst at the same time we highlight the areas of concern.

Wild Wonders of Europe assigned 69 of the continent’s most talented and committed nature photographers on a great Quest, to conduct 145 photographic missions across 48 European countries.

After more than 1100 days in the field we created an archive of almost 200,000 breathtaking images and hours of high-quality video footage.
And the most up-to-date, cohesive visual documentation of nature in Europe.

Wild Wonders of Europe is the largest photography-based conservation communication initiative in the World.

European nature, conservation, species and biodiversity as well as travel tips, photography and social networking – we hope our website will become a source of information on these topics.

Please join us! Follow us! Take part!

  • in our monthly photo competition with lots of fab prizes to win!
  • enjoy the public voting for the competition.
  • benefit from our photographers’ expertise in blogs and webinars with our partners.
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  • come and hear us at lectures.
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And don’t forget to get out there into nature and experience it yourself!