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Milán Radisics

My left eye is blue, right is green. I write with left hand but for soccer with my son I use right leg. My mother is roman-catholic, father is greek-catholic. I was born in a country which don't exist - on the border between light and dark.

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Featured Photographer

Milán Radisics


One of Hungary 's best known nature photographers; his works are acknowledged internationally. A couple of his stories appeared in National Geographic's Hungarian and Serbian issues. Now he is working on several new projects.

Since 2006 he has been President of naturArt (the Hungarian Nature Photography Association). He is the founder and editor in chief of ZOOM magazine focused on photography and lifestyle trends, which received a Gold Award of the Pro Typographia competition in 2006 and 2007.

Milán Radisics was born in Yugoslavia in 1968. Since 1992 he has lived in Budapest with his family. He is engaged as a creative director in his own advertising agency.

In the last ten years most of his life is filled with nature photography. He is searching the connection between men and nature through sophisticated and personal photography.

He obtained high prestige acknowledgement at home and abroad with his work.

Very significant when in 2003 he achieved a “Highly Commended” Award of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He received an Award of Excellence in the Pictures of the Year International (POYi) competition in 2006. Moreover, he was the winner of the first National Geographic International Photographic Competition in 2006 in the “Natural World” category.

With his independent exhibitions at prestigious places he made memorable success. He is a regular guest as a presenter with his digial diaporamas at international nature photographer festivals.

His first book "The Hungarian Gray" was released as a National Geographic edition in 2008 about the conservation story of the Hungarian gray cattle.

Websites: www.milan.hu/ and www.magyarszurke.hu/


Why nature photography?
'cause my heart tells me. I have an inner compulsion to create, nature is an excellent subject and it is an excellent creator itself too. Often I like being on my own and relaxing, refilling, creating and sharing the experience of the nature, the moulded thoughts in pictures with the others.

What's best about it?
There's no two of the same day, place, scene or phenomena... everything's got different visage, so there's always an inspiration to make something even more perfect. Again and again and again till the sheer spirit of the subject gets onto the picture.

What's worst about it?
It's hard to wake up early but then I'm happy when half a day's work is done by 7am.

Favourite species and places in Europe?
I like working in my home area in the Vertes hills near Budapest. There are so many birds, deers and flowers. There in the middle of the forest I have an old traditional shack which is under cultural heritage protection and also is a real paradise for a photographer. For example, on one of my last assignments, when I photographed herbal plants I had all the necessary types in my right garden. Beside all this I happily take pictures anywhere else 'cause I can find inspiraton everywhere.

What's in the bag?
I use several camera-systems. In my bag there appear Nikon, Canon, and Hasselblad as well with various lenses. And of course, three old manual cameras for long exposure night shots.

Your specialities / skills?
Generally, I love photographing every subject in nature. I always try to find some artistic interpretation of a subject and continuously search for the relationship between human and nature and vice versa. As a nature photographer-journalist I like storytelling. I love working in hard light conditions on the border between light and dark.

What will you do in your next life?
Photographer of course and I'd love to have many many children and play with both.

3 tips for beginners
1) Listen to your heart and capture what it tells.
2) Don't run for the big shot only but first create your message what you want to express with it.
3) Its never too late to begin.


I have three missions and love them all. Two of them will lead me to Montenegro, in one of the youngest countries in Europe and first eco-countries in the world. First was Lake Skadar on the border between Montenegro and Albania, and the second one will take me to the north of this beautiful country in the canyon of the river Tara, which is the second deepest canyon in the world. The third one will be Greece and the Meteora Cliffs.

Best Picture

Best Picture
Partial solar eclipse at Apaj-puszta.

What's cool about it?
At the first eclipse of the sun in my life, conjunction of the three planets gave a spiritual experience telling me to start seriously photographing. So I did and I haven't left out an eclipse since then. This picture taken in May 2003 raises a monument to the beginning. Interesting that the sun turned up already eclipsed and it was visible only where the horizon was clear. Solar eclipses are still important in my life.

Could it be better?
Yes. If the well and the sun were further away from each other then the balance might be better and they would fill out the frame.

Behind the Scene
I designed the picture in my mind. I was looking for the right location for three weeks. After the drawings and testshots I started to watch the sattellites and they showed the weather would be cloudless. Whatsoever there was one patch of cloud in the sky that morning and it was right there where I expected the sun to turn up. I trusted it to move away by the sunrise but it didn't seem to want to do so and just stood still. I have never seen anything like this before, I was getting furious that I wouldn't be able to capture the awaited scene. But just before I was gonna pack all my equipment the sun appeared among the clouds in a mysterious and extraterrestrial mood and gave the photo a dramatic feeling.

Date: 31st May 2003
Location: Apaj-puszta, Hungary
Gear: Nikon F4, 600/4 mm + 2x extender, 1/60 sec, Fujichrome Velvia

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