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Picture of Common Crane

A noisy comeback
Almost everywhere in Europe common crane populations are flying high. Each fall almost a million roost in Hungary, Germany, Spain & France.

The Mission

1) Very simple: we are passionate about nature. We are really into it!

We are committed to the conservation of habitats and species for the health of the planet and for our own pleasure. We are continually amazed by the incredible natural wonders right here on our doorsteps, in our towns and across all the 48 countries in Europe. And we love to be out there ourselves.

2) We want to communicate about nature.

We want to share our fascination about the Wild Wonders of Europe with as many people as possible, both here in Europe and with the rest of the world.

3) There is a lack of communication about the status of biodiversity and conservation in Europe.

Too few people know about Natura2000, the largest network of protected sites in the World.

Even fewer people know about the fascinating wildlife comeback that is taking place almost all over Europe. The increase in numbers of some of these returning species is tremendous. All thanks to great political decisions and the extremely hard work on the ground by dedicated NGOs and thousands of volunteers.

This is good news, actually… this is great news!
But how many people know about this?
How many people have seen the beauty of the species that have been rescued and the habitats restored or saved for the future?

On top of that, millions of people think that nature in Europe must be pretty boring.

Or that it all disappeared under concrete.
Some even think Europe never had any.
They got it all wrong.

Europe has a lot of Wild Wonders, big and small.
Wild Wonders that are part of Europe’s identity and history.
Wild Wonders that offer another answer to the question: What is Europe?

A Positive Message

“Conservation Works! We just need more of it!”

We firmly believe that the emotional power of beautiful photographs and video is a powerful tool to support this message.
At the same time we highlight what we risk losing if the many threats to habitats and species persist
. And how the continued loss of biodiversity does already and will inflict upon our own lives.