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Photo Competition FAQ

Entering Images

I couldn't upload my images, why?

There could be 4 main reasons why this happened:
a) You already uploaded the maximum of 5 images in that category.
b) Your file is too big (>1 MB – see the Quick Guide)
c) Your file is in the wrong file-format (JPEG/JPG only – see the Quick Guide).
d) The website is currently experiencing high levels of traffic. Please try again later.

If you continue encountering problems, please address your questions to Karolina in the WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE office

How many images can I enter?

Up to 5 images per month in your age group.

E.g.: If you are older than 17 you can enter a maximum of 5 images in the adult category "European Wild Wonders". If you are 17 or younger you can upload up to 5 images “YoungCrew” category.

What prizes can I win?

Pretty cool ones, we think.
DSLR camera kits (e.g. Nikon D5000, D90 Kit), photo-processing software (ColorEfexPro 3.0), books, fine-art prints and more...

Prizes worth a total of around 2.000.- € each month.

I only take pictures for hobby. Can I take part in the competition?

Absolutely! We invite everyone to send us her/his images of nature. That’s the cool thing about nature photography – everyone can go out and enjoy taking pictures!

Can I enter pictures that I took with my mobile phone?

Yep, of course. Make sure you have the settings in your phone at “high-quality” or “least compressed” for images of nature. You will enjoy them much more if you and other people look at them.
In-built phone cameras with 2MP or more will do the job, no worries.

I don’t live in Europe. Can I still submit to the competition?

A big YES. No matter if you are European or come from any other continent on the planet, you can take part.
The only thing: photos that you enter MUST show nature that has been photographed in Europe. Even if the image shows an animal that lives both in Europe and elsewhere in the world (e.g. Eagle Owl, Polar Bear, Walrus, Grey Crane etc).
And no penguins please, no lions or White-Tailed Sea Eagles from Hokkaido.

What will you do with the images?

We’ll sell them on the internet for big money. No, just kidding.
Awarded images (places 1-5) will be used for promotion of the competition and on our website.
All other images will be deleted from our system.

How do I know if I have won a prize?

Ah, now we are getting there! Well, you will have mail. Email first and then a nice package from WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE containing your prize. Winners and Runners-Up will be notified shortly after the public voting for a previous month ended.

How many prizes do you award?

A smashing set of four prizes – each month!
For the winner in each category = 2 (adults, Young Crew)
For the runners-up in each category = 2 (see above).

Plus, there will be a Grand Prize for the Overall Winners of the adult and the Young Crew competitions!

Can I enter images again that I entered in a previous month?

No problem at all.
But – to be straight – our judges and the public will hardly be more impressed than the first time...

What kind of images are most likely to win?

Phew, that’s a tough one.
We have no preferences. But pictures shot in great light, with the subject in a strong composition and taken from a cool perspective have very high chances to win. Technically the images should of course be okay – sharp, correctly exposed and without massive (color) noise or hot pixels.


Can I vote for more than one image?

Of course! And you should!
You can vote for all photos in the voting galleries. But only once, please. Our system tracks you down if you give multiple votes for the same photo. And, don’t you think that would be cheating?

Is 5 the best vote or 1?

Five (5) is best.

Who selects the pictures for public voting?

A pre-jury (WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE Directors) will shortlist the images for public voting. That will take us about 7 days after the closing date of the previous month.

When does the voting start each month?

As an example: January images can be voted for starting around February 8th.

And how long will the voting be open?

You can vote for about 21 days, until the last day of a month, midnight, 11.59 p.m.

Can I vote for my own images?

Ah, you are one of those then...well, seriously: for the sake of fairness – don’t do that. Rather ask your friends and family to support your images. If your photos didn’t win in the end you have at least someone to blame right away.

Click here for all the details, rules and how to enter.