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Wild Wonders of Europe


Stockholm Places Europe’s Wild Wonders Centre Stage

Outdoor Photo Exhibition
Opened at Raoul Wallenbergs Torg, Stockholm – June 25th 2013
by Isabella Lövin, Member of the European Parliament, Stina Götbrink, Head of Charity, Swedish Postcode Lottery and Frans Schepers, Managing Director, Rewilding Europe.

© Ann Dahlberg / Wild Wonders of Europe

Stockholm, Sweden – On Tuesday June 25th, the landmark outdoor photo exhibition “Wild Wonders of Europe” opened at Raoul Wallenbergs Torg in central Stockholm, Sweden. Directed by Magnus Lundgren, Florian Möllers, Staffan Widstrand and Bridget Wijnberg, the pan-European flagship exhibition was inaugurated by Member of the European Parliament, Isabella Lövin, Stina Götbrink, Head of Charity, Swedish Postcode Lottery and Frans Schepers, Managing Director, Rewilding Europe together with a host of distinguished speakers.

Dignitaries and leaders from the diplomatic, corporate, academic and conservation world, attended Tuesday’s open-air event staged alongside the life-size images showcasing Europe’s amazing natural heritage in all it’s glory. Amongst them 12 Ambassadors from the USA, India, Sudan, Croatia, Nigeria, El Salvador, Albania, South Africa, Poland, Lithuania, Italy and Ethiopia.


© Ann Dahlberg / Wild Wonders of Europe


© Ann Dahlberg / Wild Wonders of Europe

“The conservation movement really needs initiatives such as Wild Wonders of Europe to champion their aims. Without popular support, the recent key vote for a ban on fishing discards for example, would not have been passed.”
Isabella Lövin, Member of the European Parliament

“This initiative to restore Europe’s wildlife, does not only result in a richer biodiversity, but does also create a sustainable co-existence between man and nature. We are proud to support Rewilding Europe”
Stina Götbrink, Head of Charity
Swedish Postcode Lottery (Svenska PostkodLotteriet)

”Imagine 10 large magnificent areas in Europe where wildlife, wild nature and wilderness provide new business, jobs and income. Ten inspirational examples for many other areas large and small to follow. Join us for the rewilding of Europe!”
Frans Schepers, Managing Director, Rewilding Europe, the exhibition’s Main partner.

“It is a fantastic exhibition that Wild Wonders of Europe has taken to Stockholm. It shows the magnificent nature and wildlife of the European countries, not just for us but also for the tens of thousands of tourists and visitors who visit our beautiful capital during the summer. Many conservation victories have been achieved, but a lot yet remains to be done to further protect and safeguard our mutual European natural heritage”.
Håkan Wirtén, Secretary General, WWF Sweden.


© Ann Dahlberg / Wild Wonders of Europe


© Ann Dahlberg / Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe is the world’s largest conservation communication initiative to date. This unique campaign is a celebration of the joy of the wild and of our common European natural heritage. The unseen, unexpected and unforgettable wildlife and wild places that most of us don’t even know exist. The exhibition showcases 100 impressive, life size photos from all 48 European countries, revealing the stunning natural treasures of our continent.

It’s about the joy of wildness. About what is still out there and what we risk losing.
Why it matters to us. And why we need to protect it.

The exhibition remains on display until 29 September 2013 with free entry day and night throughout the summer. The exhibition is exceptionally beautiful when illuminated at nightfall!

Following on from its acclaimed success in Madrid’s El Retiro Park last autumn, the Swedish exhibition marks the 6th in the pan European tour, to date viewed by an estimated 3 million visitors. It comes to Sweden for the first time with the support of the main partners Rewilding Europe and the Svenska PostkodLotteriet, together with a host of other key sponsors.


© Ann Dahlberg / Wild Wonders of Europe


© Ann Dahlberg / Wild Wonders of Europe

A celebration of European wildlife
Wild Wonders of Europe, directed by Magnus Lundgren, Florian Möllers, Staffan Widstrand and Bridget Wijnberg, was launched 6 years ago. Sent on assignment by Wild Wonders of Europe, the photos have been taken by 69 of Europe’s finest nature and wildlife photographers over a period of fifteen months and give the exhibition a striking emotional power. After more than 1100 days in the field, Europe’s incredible wonders are now revealed. From Svalbard in the North to the Canary Islands in the South, from the Azores in the West to Caucasus in the East, the exhibition is a real eye-opener to the natural phenomena that each of us has the possibility to experience. And it is a reminder of the natural wonders that we are at risk of losing, if they are not protected.

A celebration of nature conservation
Wild Wonders of Europe is a manifestation of how European wildlife is making a come back as a result of 40 years of nature conservation decisions. It shows that nature conservation works, we just need more of it.

Rich in wildlife, Sweden had an impressive 6 photo missions carried out by Wild Wonders photographers to different areas of the country.

See the photo missions here:
Exhibition Touring Agent
The exhibition is organized by Life Exhibitions, founded by Stine Norden and Søren Rud who have toured over 25 exhibitions to 9 countries and earlier responsible for the book and acclaimed exhibitions ’Earth from Above” and ’100 Places to Remember Before they Disappear’.

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