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Wild Wonders Wildlife Photo Tours 2012


Join us

...for a series of Wild Wonders of Europe wildlife photo tours and workshops, hosted by photographers from the Wild Wonders Dream Team and organised together with Top agencies PolarQuest and Better Moments!

Take pictures side by side with some of Europe's top wildlife photographers.
Take the opportunity to discuss photography with them and to ask them for all the PRO insider's tips - in the field together.

Wild Wonders of Europe

  Wild Wonders of Europe

All tours

  • are hosted by Top photographers from the Wild Wonders Dream Team
  • take you right into the heart of wild nature
  • offers photo opportunities and close encounters with charismatic wildlife and beautiful landscapes of the North
  • are photo experiences of a lifetime!

Svalbard with PolarQuest

Wild Wonders of Europe

  Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe

  Wild Wonders of Europe

We bring you four photo expedition cruises to Svalbard, the Norwegian High Arctic archipelago, during the summer and fall of 2012. These expedition cruises are arranged together with PolarQuest, a Polar region specialist tour operator. Svalbard was one of the photo assignment destinations during the Wild Wonders of Europe photography campaign.

Here are four tours to choose from. They have it all!

Find details in the PolarQuest brochure!

Or contact their sales team at:
+46 31 333 17 30 or by email: info@polar-quest.com

Wild Wonders of Europe
Company Profile
Since 1999 PolarQuest specializes in expedition cruises to the Polar Regions. Based in Gothenburg/Sweden, the company's focus is to provide close encounters with the wildlife and breathtaking nature of the North. Their specially designed ships are navigated by highly experienced crews, whose members are passionate about wildlife and nature themselves. PolarQuest is a member of the Swedish Ecotourism Association and has put the principles of sustainable tourism high up on their business agenda.
More info here .

Nordic Wildlife with Better Moments

Wild Wonders of Europe

  Wild Wonders of Europe

Bears, wolves, wolverines, eagles and other charismatic wildlife are the subjects of two wildlife action workshops with Wild Wonders of Europe photographer Staffan Widstrand, arranged together with the photo workshop specialists Better Moments.

Wild Wonders of Europe

  Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe

  Wild Wonders of Europe

Go where the PROs go!

These workshops are held at two of the top locations for photographing wildlife in Scandinavia:
  • Kuikka, in the forest region of Kuhmo in Eastern Finland
  • The archipelagos and mountains around Flatanger on the Norwegian coast, north of Trondheim.
Both locations were photo assignment destinations during the Wild Wonders of Europe photography campaign.
Close encounters with exciting wildlife is guaranteed during your stay and there will be lots of excellent photo opportunities.
Better-Moments logo
Company Profile
Better Moments is a top quality agency specialising in exclusive landscape, wildlife and travel photo workshops in unique locations around the world. Having worked as top-photographers for many years themselves, the founders Christian Nørgaard and Philip Boissevain aim to enable their students to expand their photographic skills and vision through the guidance of some of the world's best photographers. The hand-picked locations guarantee for exciting moments out in the wild.
More info here.

The Workshop Leaders

Maurizio Biancarelli is a full time natural history photographer from Umbria/Italy. His brilliant photos have been awarded in competitions such as BG/Shell/Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year and featured in nature magazines such as BBC Wildlife and many others. Since many years he is hosting workshops in Italy.

Magnus Lundgren was recently awarded in GDT's European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011. He is an experienced professional wildlife photographer and workshop/tour leader with a great passion for the sea environment - both above and below sea level. Magnus is one of the four directors of Wild Wonders of Europe.

Florian Möllers holds a MSc degree in ecology and behavioural biology and works as a professional wildlife photographer since 10 years. He is a multiple award winner at prestigious international photo competitions and has many years of experience teaching wildlife photo workshops in Europe. He is Communications Director of Wild Wonders of Europe and a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, ILCP.

Staffan Widstrand is the Managing Director of Wild Wonders of Europe. He is the author of many books, a multiple award winner at prestigious international photo competitions and acclaimed as "one of the 40 most influential nature photographers in the World" (Outdoor Photography Magazine 2010). He is one of the founders of the International League of Conservation Photographers, ILCP.

With best wishes from the Wild Wonders team

Wild Wonders of Europe
Florian Möllers
Communications Director
For more information contact:
Florian Moellers (Communications Director) t: +491709375789 e: florian@wild-wonders.com
Bridget Wijnberg (Media & Exhibitions Director) t:+447972106839 e: bridget@wild-wonders.com

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