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Red deer, Florian moellers

Communications Partner for Rewilding Europe

Our new initiative, Rewilding Europe (RWE) is certain to become really strategically important for nature conservation in Europe in the years ahead and is already generating huge interest from all who hear about it. We are thrilled by this show of support as we will be the initiative’s Communications Partner.

Wild Wonders of Europe images will be used by RWE to raise public awareness and promote the project. We will also coordinate and assign additional photo/video missions to the project areas. We will assist RWE in their communication work at all levels of the initiative, from Press Work to TV productions and cooperate around several of the Wild Wonders of Europe outdoor exhibitions in Europe’s largest cities.

Rewilding Europe (RE) aims to rewild one million hectares of land in Europe by 2020. An ambitious goal taking advantage of a unique, and perhaps, THE conservation opportunity of our time:
Huge areas of Europe, particularly in the remote countryside, are being abandoned by people who used to live and work there. RWE considers this to be a great opportunity for conservation by rewilding these areas and allowing the natural processes to once again take place – including the comeback of the large herbivores and many other species that once roamed there.

Please have a look at the RE web site, register for their email newsletter if you want to be kept updated or download their programme here. They are currently looking for serious financing partners to help them in achieving their ambitious aims.

We will keep you up to speed with everything happening around this fabulous initiative.

FAB FACT: Did you know: Almost 50% of Europe’s species (animals & plants) depend on habitats in an open mosaic landscape. In mountainous areas especially, such habitats survived thanks to traditional, extensive framing systems and grazing by domestic animals.

40 Most Influential Nature Photographers

“Outdoor Photography” Magazine published a selection of who the editors think are the world’s most influential nature photographers of our time.
Nine (9 !) of them are in the Wild Wonders of Europe team:
Niall Benvie, Peter Cairns, Mark Carwardine, Mark Hamblin, Vincent Munier, Pete Oxford, Igor Shpilenok, Staffan Widstrand and Christian Ziegler.

30 in the list are ILCP photographers.

niall benvie
peter cairns
mark carwardine
Mark hamblin
Vincent Munier
Peter Oxford
Igor Shpilenok
Staffan Widstrand
Christian Ziegler

Wild Wonders NPL Brochure!

The great team at our picture agency, Nature Picture Library, has produced a stunning brochure featuring some of the more than 40,000 fantastic images that are available for all kinds of use from the Wild Wonders of Europe collection in their archives. The brochure is available as a pdf-file, plus there is a lovely printed version.

Peter Cairns & 2020Vision

2020VISION logoPete Cairns resigned from his position as Business Director of Wild Wonders of Europe and left the project in order to be able to invest more time to focus on his 2020VISION project. Although this will keep him connected to us in many ways, we will deeply miss his input for the project, his unbeatable humour and his creative brain (most of the WWoE taglines sprung from his mind)! Rock on, Pete!

Monkfish, Anglerfish, Lophius piscatorius by Magnus Lundgren
image by Magnus Lundgren

Best fishes! to Magnus Lundgren

Most of you who followed our blogs from the field already know Magnusí amazing images, his adventurous approach and his great talent for writing and communicating about nature and conservation issues. For several months now he has worked on behalf of Wild Wonders of Europe on several fronts regarding communication around marine issues in Europe, a particularly hot conservation topic at the moment! Another task is the development of mobile Apps from the Wild Wonders collection. We will shine a brighter light on his recent work soon!

New Coffee-Table Book!
New 365 days calendar!

For the first few weeks of the year we have been busy browsing through more than 25,000 images in our collection trying to find the most suitable ones for a new Wild Wonders Forest Book (Fall 2011) to celebrate the UN International Year of Forests and a 365 days calendar (Spring 2011).

We spotted many “new” images that will surely give these two products a lot of extra visual appeal. Florian Möllers will meet the author, the designer and the team at Editions de la Martinière in a week’s time – so stay tuned for more news from the publication’s front!

Online Photo Competition

Yes, it’s still running and will go on until August this year!

So don’t forget to upload your images this month. And make sure you sign up for the public voting of the shortlisted December entries – it’s really enjoyable to look at all these great images!

To all of you who took part: many thanks, we love looking at and publishing your wonderful photos every month


Images © Don McCullin and Laszlo Novak/Wild wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe in the Public

A few appearances listed below:

January 13
National Geographic Photographers’ Seminar: Check Staffan’s blog about the seminar!

January 29
Wild Wonders of Europe photographer Luis Quinta will present about his mission to the coast in SW Alentejo/Costa Vicentina at the Encontro de Fotografia de Natureza e Vida Selvagem.

April 29
Florian Möllers will give a keynote presentation about Wild Wonders of Europe at the opening night of the “Fotofestival Nationalpark Wattenmeer 2011” in Husum , Germany.

Swedish TV4 interview with Staffan Widstrandin Swedish here

Wild Wonders of Europe Book cover"From the polar bears of arctic Svalbard to the sea turtles of the Mediterranean; from the wild bison of Poland to the snow-covered glaciers of the Caucasus – for the first time ever, the wild beauty of Europe’s landscapes and the immense diversity of its wildlife is being shown to the world." - excerpt from English edition of the book.

For more information contact:
Florian Moellers (Communications Director) t: +491709375789 e: florian@wild-wonders.com, Bridget Wijnberg (Media & Exhibitions Director) t:+447972106839 e: bridget@wild-wonders.com

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