Wild Wonders Newsletter - 20th August 2008

“These salmon are incredible! Difficult photography, but big fish and loads of action here in Norway!” reports Swedish underwater specialist Magnus Lundgren from river Orkla.

He is one of sixty top photographers sent on assignment by Wild Wonders of Europe. With several missions now recorded on HDTV and more than 15,000 images in stock, the project is growing day by day. And there is more good news - the new website will be launched soon with amazing galleries, plenty of pictures, online photo competitions and more. Stay tuned!

Missions completed so far:
Photographers in the field:
Missions remaining in 2008:
Missions remaining in 2009: 60

Wild Wonders of Europe wish to thank:

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…and our many other very important partners for their generous contributions and support.

Orsolya Haarberg in Iceland

Photographer Orsi Haarberg from Hungary keeps reporting together with her Norwegian husband and fellow photographer Erlend with the most wonderful pictures from the amazing volcanic island. Puffins, Arctic Foxes, steam vents and gorgeous waterfalls – Iceland remains one of the most spectacular places in Europe!
View the blog here »
Picture of Arctic fox

Niall Benvie and Creepy Crawlies

What started like a small expedition on an airport in the UK ended up being a cultural experience of the special kind for photographer Niall Benvie. The Scotsman met with local guides and experts in Tyrol to document the fascinating biodiversity of butterflies, grasshoppers and other insects in the Fliesser Sonnenhaenge. Enjoy his superb travellogue and a short movie on the Wild Wonders of Europe website.
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Picture of Butterfly on flower

Staffan Widstrand back from the deep Finnish forests

After returning from the Finnish forests around Kuhmo with some cool close-up images of bears and moody shots of wolves and wolverines, photographer Staffan Widstrand from Sweden took off again for his second mission to the Sea Eagles in Flatanger on the Norwegian coast. Whilst shooting the magnificent birds in action he is being filmed with HDTV for the Wild Wonders of Europe TV documentary and podcasts. Check out some of his work online in The Wild BLOG!
More information about Norwegian nature can be found at Norway Nature.
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Picture of Bear cubs playing

15,270 Photos loaded on our new Macs to date

With picture numbers and video sequences rising, our new MacPros with Apple's Aperture 2.1 and Final Cut Prosoftware prove to be great tools to handle the Wild Wonders of Europe multimedia collection. The sheer volume of image data requires powerful software, and we are pleased to report Aperture has stood the test so far. We will document our workflow for all to see in the near future. – On top, seeing all these images on the big Apple screens is as rewarding as it is exciting!
Picture of Apple Mac and Aperature 2.1

The Wild Blog now in 6 languages!

Thanks to the support of Naturapics, Fotonaturis, Fotonatura and Grasduinen, most of the posts in our Wild Blog have been translated into French, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. A few more are available in German. Soon the first ones will be translated into Italian.

New partners on board

With Flatanger Kommune and Innovasjon Norge from Norway, we found two new partners supporting the missions of our photographers Wild Wonders of Europe is also grateful for the financial support provided by WWF Norway for our mission to Mount Elbrus and the Caucasus. Some results can be seen in The Wild Blog.

Conservation International is now also firmly on board as one of our conservation partners. Euronatur, a foundation based in Germany, has joined our team of endorsing partners.

Upcoming events

  • Wild Wonders of Europe will be present with a stylish exhibit at the NIKON Europe pavillion at Photokina in Cologne, Germany 23-28 September.
  • Another exhibit, in cooperation with NIKON France and a presentation will be shown at Europe’s biggest nature photography festival, in Montier en Dèr, France 20-23 November.
  • Furthermore we will be present at the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona 5-14 October.
  • A sneak preview of some of the best images from the first months of Wild Wonders of Europe will be presented at the WildPhotos 2008 seminar at the Royal Geographic Society in London on 1 November.

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