Wild Wonders Newsletter - 9th July 2008

With seven Photographers already back, six more out in the field, and several yet to leave for their missions very soon: The WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE are now being revealed to Europe and the World!

Sandra and Claudia in Italy

Sandra Bartocha and Claudia Müller from Germany, were the first ones out. They just returned from the orchid heavens in the South of Italy. Strong winds and harsh light turned their subjects into a real challenge. Check out their pictures of Monte Sacro’s tiny, beautiful floral gems! Some of the 56 orchid species in that area. True Jewels of the Crown of European nature.
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Picture of flowers

Markus Varesvuo in Hungary

Finnish bird photo specialist Markus Varesvuo also just came back, from his mission to Hungary’s Hortóbagy Puszta. With great local support from Hungarian WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE photographer and wildlife photo tour operator Bence Máté he had some of the finest birds of Europe just a few metres in front of his lens. No wonder he returned with almost 30,000 images (!) of colourful and charismatic birds like Roller, Hoopoe, Bee eater, Red-footed Falcon, Spoonbills, egrets and a host of small birds in waterside action.
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Picture of Beeater

Orsolya Haarberg in Iceland

Myriads of mosquitoes greeted Orsolya Haarberg and husband Erlend when they arrived at Lake Myvatn in Iceland. Graphically elegant Harlequin ducks and other wildfowl made up for the always bloodthirsty armada in the air. With still another two months on Iceland, the photographer couple will be bringing back lots more of amazing pictures from everything from seabird cliffs to very special landscapes, to be seen on the Wild Blog along the way.
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Picture of melting ice

Milán Radisics in Montenegro

Even though Milán Radisics had been to Montenegro during previous expeditions, his assigment at Lake Skadar turned into a real adventure. It was only thanks to the support from the National Park and a local fisherman that he could finally approach his subjects the way he wanted. Enjoy his Balkan road-movie at theWild Blog!
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Picture of Milan Radisics

Staffan Widstrand in Norway

"I saw more than 30 eagle-owls in just two days! Not to mention the 30 sea eagles and a peregrine falcon" reports Staffan Widstrand after his expedition to Northern Norway. The WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE Managing Director just returned from his first one week mission and sounded quite happy with the resulting images. Including Sea Eagles catching fish, gulls in wonderful midnight sun light and very colourful plant shots. Some of them to be found in our new Wild Blog!
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Picture of White-tailed Sea Eagle

Peter Cairns in Finland

"I’m shooting at 35mm as the mother owl flies in landing only a metre or so from where I lie. This is a true wild wonder!" reports WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE director Peter Cairns from his trip to Finland. He just returned from Oulo where he worked with the magnificent Great Grey Owl support by WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE photographer, Jari Peltomäki.
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Picture of Great Grey Owl

Tom Schandy in Russia

Reporting from the South Easternmost corner of the continent, Norwegian photographer Tom Schandy is working around Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus, Russia. Except from the world-class peaks he is also focusing on wildlife and alpine flowers, many of which are endemic to the area.
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Picture of Mount Elbrus

Wild Wonders library rapidly expanding

With more photographers returning from the field, the WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE image collection is rapidly growing to a considerable size. Handling the vast amount of RAW files and video sequences is a major challenge. Utilising the latest MacPros with Apple's Aperture 2.1 and FinalCutPro software, WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE processes and archives tens of thousands of photos and hours of HD video and also makes these accessible online to editors and clients worldwide.

Wild Wonders on TV

TV/Video Director Dorothea Erpenbeck (formerly Schwab) is working hard on several TV deals with major TV channels and producers. At least five of the missions of WILD WONDERS PHOTOGRAPHERS are going to be filmed in top HD quality during this summer.

New partners come on board

WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE is proud to announce that the project has been awarded a generous grant by the legendarily prestigious National Geographic Expeditions Council.
WWF International is also greatly increasing its involvement with us, providing valuable assistance to us both in the field and in the corridors of Europe.

There is also a number of new partners who have joined the WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE: Swedish nature tour operator Äventyrsresor, Aunan lodge, at the Norwegian salmon river Orkla, Wild Taiga and Articmedia bear watching operations in Kuhmo, Finland, also Kuusamo, Visit Finland, and wildlife photography tour company Norway Nature in Flatanger, Norway. Conservation International has also decided to join in on a more active level.

We thank them all for their support, trust and confidence in us reaching our ambitious goals.
We are also very happy to have entered in a joint venture deal with world-leading outdoor exhibition touring specialists at Danish Co+Life. They pioneered the outdoor exhibit concept, with successful tours like “The Earth from Above” and “Spirit of the Wild”.

Welcoming Hans Berglund

Hans Berglund, Sweden is our new Sales Director, after Daniel Ahlbert was headhunted as the CEO of an IT company. Daniel now serves as one of our senior advisors. Jan Pedersen, Denmark, photographer, Photoshop instructor and for over 20 years a picture editor, will start working with us in July, taking command of the picture editing.

A launch to be proud of

When WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE was launched in May, we had fantastic media coverage in more than 35 European countries, from big national and international newspapers and news web sites, to leading bloggers, radio interviews and web site communities. Among them The Times, The Independent, The Telegraph, El País, El Mundo, Svenska Dagbladet and La Repubblica. A big THANK YOU especially to the 15 special PR persons that we had the privilege to be helped by in a number of countries all across the continent. They really made this into a flaming take off!

Upcoming events

WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE will be present at Photokina 23-28 September. A presentation and exhibition will also be shown at Europe’s biggest nature photography festival, in Montier en Dèr/France 21-23/11. We will also be present at the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona 5-14/10.

Other news...

And two of our Directors are getting married during the summer (not with each other though…) – both Florian Möllers and Dorothea Schwab. We congratulate them and their respective partners to having made a good choice!

Follow the new Wild Blog! Soon with material from bears, wolverines and wolves in Finland, Black storks in the Czech Republic, underwater marvels in Corse, France and Polar bears on Svalbard, Norway.

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