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“We Had a Great Wild Time!”


Our two Grand Prize Winners, Marcus and Janne, are back from their photo assignment to Scotland. They were equipped with the latest Nikon cameras and lenses.

They were guided by Pro Photographers Pete Cairns, Mark Hamblin and the knowledgeable wilderness guides at Alladale.

They saw and photographed loads of Highland wildlife.

And they had a special printing day at Epson headquarters in London.

Seems as if they had fun?

Competition grand prize Competition grand prize
Competition grand prize Competition grand prize


Here’s what they say:

Janne Heimonen: “Nikon loaned us absolutely the best stuff they have. The D3s is made for me, because 90% of my images are taken with iso1600 or more. We had quite severe testing conditions: lots of rain and hard wind... The equipment was so wet, but still worked like a dream!”

Marcus Valeur : “The day with Epson was fantastic! They taught me a lot about printing, colour management, ICC-profiles and processing. They even gave us both an Epson P-7000 Multimedia Photo Viewer.”

Marcus Valeur: “Alladale is very beautiful. Even if you’re not a wildlife photographer, there are so many amazing animals at Alladale that you don't want to make the mistake of leaving your camera at home!”

And here are their images.

Ptarmigan - Marcus Valeur Red Squirrel - Marcus Valeur
Mountain Hare - Janne Heimonen Capercaillie - Janne Heimonen

View Marcus' gallery »
View Janne's gallery »

We are working hard on setting up a competition for 2010.

Hopefully starting in June.

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted!


Thanks to our partners:

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