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Staffan Widstrand - Flatanger, Norway 01

June 25th, 2008 Posted in Northern Europe, Uncategorized

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June 20, 2008

Eagle owls, Sea eagles and summer flower colours in Sleneset and Flatanger, Norway

From the shores of a still Living Sea, I can report that the Sea eagles and Eagle owls are doing very well. Up here, along the Norwegian North Sea coast lives the most dense population of these birds in the world.


The Sea eagles living from the vast riches of the sea, and the Eagle owls living on those who live from the riches of the sea (gulls, terns, geese, ducks, auks and water voles). Through the help of very friendly guides Ole Martin Dahle from Flatanger and Frode Johansen from Sleneset we managed to see more than 25 Eagle owls and about 40 Sea eagles in a few days time. And get really close to the eagles. It is an experience that I would recommend any person with any interest in nature to do at least once in your life. See the incredibly charismatic eagles sweep down and catch fish just beside the boat, 15 metres away! Along with a great flock of always hungry and wonderfully beautiful gulls of several species.


On land, the vegetation is bursting out in green and vivid colours from the sunshine 24hrs a day, in this Land of the Midnight sun. Flowers that are veritable gems in the warm evening light. Some of the true Wild Wonders of Europe!


Staffan Widstrand

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  1. 10 Responses to “Staffan Widstrand - Flatanger, Norway 01”

  2. By Miguel Lasa on Jul 9, 2008

    Hello Staffan must have been a great experience to photograph sea eagles and owls in Norway , looking forward to see more photos

  3. By Marko König on Jul 9, 2008

    Great captures!

  4. By Staffan on Jul 9, 2008

    Hi, So nice to see your work. Norway is beautiful at this time of year and you have captured much of its specialness. best regards,

  5. By Jan Wigsten on Jul 11, 2008

    Hej Staffan,
    Kul att se du blivit en framgångsrik bloggare. Som vanligt fantastiska bilder. Hälsenor från Ulan Bator/JANNE

  6. By Fred Vnoucek on Jul 14, 2008

    adorable work,congratulations!
    Regards from Austria

  7. By James Silverthorne on Jul 21, 2008

    Hi Staffan, great shots from yourself and all the other photographers, great idea and in sure such a huge project is hard work.
    Very refreshing, cool way to bring Nature to the masses.

    Great stuff


  8. By Tomas Lillehagen on Aug 19, 2008

    Great shoots!
    We are looking forward to your visit in Forollhogna National Park with the topic of wild reindeers. Also there you can find Golden Eagle’s.

  9. By Fernando on Aug 29, 2008

    Impresionante primer plano. Enhorabuena…

  10. By Artikeldatabase on Sep 20, 2010

    This is simply amazing! How did you managed to get these photos? Damn! The one were the 2 is fighting over a fish is amazing. Nice job!

  11. By artikeldb on Apr 30, 2011

    WOW! those photos are just amazing! wish i were as good as you! think im gonna grab my EOS 500D and my 70-300 mm lens and go out and grab some photos! maybe one it will be my turn to take photos like this!

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