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Wild Wonders of Europe - the blog Wild Wonders of Europe Wild Wonders of Europe - the Blog

Svalbard with Wild Wonders & Polar Quest XI

Saturday, September 8th, 2012 Posted in Northern Europe, Uncategorized | No Comments »

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July 4 - Austfonna & Vibebukta Shades of Blue At 6 in the morning Andreas and I wake up from someone knocking at our cabin's door. "Per thinks you should see this", says a voice from the dark. If Per, our ...

Nuno Sá - Monk Seals, Portugal

Saturday, October 17th, 2009 Posted in Southern Europe, Uncategorized | 51 Comments »

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My second Wild Wonders of Europe mission - Photographing one of the world’s rarest and most endangered mammals – the monk Seal. The location – Desertas Islands in the Madeira archipelago, Desertas means deserted in Portuguese, because that’s what they ...

Ole Jørgen Liodden - Svalbard, Norway III

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 Posted in Northern Europe, Uncategorized | 2 Comments »

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My second and last WWE mission took me again to the high Arctic – Svalbard, now in summer time. I really love this place and on this assignment I was joining a special photo expedition arranged by Naturfokus. Day 1 – ...

Ole Jørgen Liodden – Polar Bears at Spitsbergen / Svalbard II

Thursday, May 14th, 2009 Posted in Northern Europe, Uncategorized | 7 Comments »

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Day 4 We had decided to "escape" the snow blizzard on the East side and go to the more sheltered West side of Spitsbergen. It was a tough experience to drive the snowmobile in the snowstorm where we could see only ...

Laurent Geslin – Donna Nook, Lincolnshire, UK

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 Posted in Uncategorized, Western Europe | 17 Comments »

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Ok, first mission: Donna Nook, England, UK. After checking on Google, Donna Nook appeared to be a RAF bombing range... Hmmm, what a funny choice for a Wild Wonders mission to photograph soldiers at a military camp. But since Obama has ...