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Edwin Giesbers - Liechtenstein II

September 24th, 2009 Posted in Southern Europe, Uncategorized

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After 2 weeks of photography in the mountains of Liechtenstein the Wild Wonders mission is unfortunately over. Never before I have been in an Alpine area and I can conclude that I really have fallen in love with Liechtenstein. Great views over the mountains and on the ground many, many different plants, what does a nature lover or photographer need more? Perhaps the call of a Golden Eagle?…..

Yes we had one! Almost every morning the Golden Eagle with the name Tiger was calling just a few metres from our bedroom window. Sadly Tiger was not a wild bird, but the captive bird of the hotel owner.

Fortunately the weathergods give us a little bit of everything. Rain, fog and cold but also sun and heat were there during our stay. Sometimes there were dramatic dark skies over the landscape and a another time sun and a clear blue sky. This of course produced a pleasant variation in the images for the project.
Birds like Alpine Chough fly above the mountains and Alpine Marmots cross our path.

But I was mainly focused on the Alpine flora which I had nothing to complain about. There where lots of mountain slopes with meadows full of colourful plants. Beautiful and for the Alpine area characteristic species like the Gentian species and the Mountain cornflower were frequently photographed. On mountain tops I also found nice species like the Dwarf soldanella; a tiny and fragile plant which is the first to appear when snowfields retreat.

Also we visited the Ruggeler Riet, a lowland moor. This nature reserve has the richest variety of flora and fauna in Liechtenstein. Ruggelier Riet is, with 430 m, is the lowest point of Liechtenstein and located near the Rhine. Moist meadows Plants like the Gladiolus palustris can be found in this area.

Although Liechtenstein is a relatively small area it is possible to experience a sense of space and peacefulness. Brief stops for eating and drinking were gratefully used for enjoying the beautiful landscape. But I was here for a mission of Wild Wonders and lots of images had to be made.
One thing is certain: My girlfriend Misja and I will return to the Alpine area in one of the coming years. Then we intent to climb to a viewpoint where we will sit on a rock for hours without a camera. Just to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. And maybe we will be lucky and see a glimpse of a wild Golden Eagle flying in the sky above the mountains of Liechtenstein.

From this place I want to thank Michael Fasel of AWNL (Amt für Wald, Natur und Landschaft). And a special thanks goes to top nature photographer André Bärtschi, for various support.

Edwin Giesbers / Wild Wonders of Europe

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  1. 6 Responses to “Edwin Giesbers - Liechtenstein II”

  2. By Gergo Dioszegi on Sep 24, 2009

    Breathtaking portofolio!

    Goed gedaan!!!!:)


  3. By Peter Cairns on Sep 28, 2009

    Amongst the very best flower images in the project - and there are lots to choose from!

    Great work.

  4. By Nagy Gergely on Sep 28, 2009

    wooo wonderfull!!

  5. By Bridget Wijnberg on Sep 30, 2009

    Gorgeous photos Edwin. Well done!

  6. By Ignacio Garcia on Sep 30, 2009

    Astonishing flower pictures. Great composition and style !!

  7. By elio de stefani on Oct 23, 2010


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