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Manuel Presti - Durankulak Lake, Bulgaria IV

March 19th, 2009 Posted in Eastern Europe, Uncategorized

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The quest for the geese in Bulgaria has been getting like the move in a chess game: you have almost no clue what the first/next move of the other player will be!
There is just one sure thing that will happen, and that is the geese will be going to the lake sooner or later during the day. So let’s use the water hide once more today.

I regret I haven’t brought with me enough to read on this trip, as the hours I’m spending while waiting in the hide are just countless. However, there is always a positive side: by now I know, by heart - and so have the perfect knowledge of, my camera’s menu structure!

After a few hours again, some geese are arriving, almost falling from the sky like rain drops. A group of white fronted (not red-breasted…) land not far away from my hide and slowly begin to swim in my direction. They are coming closer!
After 10-20 minutes of resting and drinking near my hide they begin to take off straight towards my direction. The light orientation is everything but ideal, however the sky is slightly overcast so that the contrast is not too strong.

I’m having lots of fun to photograph the taking-off maneuvers of the birds and it’s just amazing when they leave the water surface – they gain 2-3 metres in height and fly over my hide just half a metre above my head. The aerodynamic sound of their wings is impressive! When I look at the IPTC data of my pictures I realize it has been only 11 minutes of action for a 9 hours’ day of waiting in the hide. Still the spirit I remember from this moment is timeless and priceless!

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