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September 17th, 2008 Posted in Eastern Europe, Uncategorized

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jose_portrait17th September. Krasna Svetlo! Beautiful light!

Finally I manage to take off with no extra baggage, and no extra weight.

Mr. Tomás Salov from the press office of the park administration has collected me in Prague. My expectations have been surpassed because of the enthusiasm of the people here. They look after me and make me feel like at home surrounded by friends.

The day has passed with the trip to Krasna Lipa, buying some food, changing money and preparing the plan, which includes a research at the visitor’s centre. I have seen lots of very nice pictures from Mr. Sojka, the photographer of the park administration and some other, and several projections. I have got a bit depressed with all those beautiful pictures - snow, autumn, river locations, rock formations… Maybe I’ll get some of this special, I think not in this trip, but maybe when I’m back in October.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. To be prepared I packed my backpack in the evening and went around the house of the administration looking for small macro details of autumn starting, and small living beings, all with flashes, because it was really dark and had to focus with a torch. Not much success, but two nice ones.


1.- Mr. Tomás Salov checks the Wild Blog! to see if there’s something about the park. Angel Lena told me just minutes after that it was posted.

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