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Welcome to the "HotShots" Galleries!

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Starting mid July 2010 the "HotShots" pages will reveal a Wild Wonder of Europe to you every week.

Dive into amazing facts about species and their habitats and get deeper into the subject with the links to other sites with additional information, more exciting pictures and field notes by the photographers.


Featured Nature Picture Library Image

Laurent Geslin / Wild Wonders of Europe / naturepl.com

Grey Seals of Donna Nook

October 13, 2010

Donna Nook on the Lincolnshire coast is home to one of the UK's most important grey seal colonies and is one of the best places to view seals in Britain.

Between October and December the grey seals come ashore to breed, and last year more than 1000 pups were born here. The Donna Nook colony is close to an RAF bombing range, but the seals are thriving and live undisturbed by the noise of the planes - although disturbance from an increasing number of visitors each year increases pup mortality. Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust manages Donna Nook as a nature reserve with the agreement of the Ministry of Defence.

Laurent Geslin documented the grey seals of Donna Nook for Wild Wonders of Europe. For further information or a wider selection of images, contact timaldred@naturepl.com.

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