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Welcome to the "HotShots" Galleries!

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Starting mid July 2010 the "HotShots" pages will reveal a Wild Wonder of Europe to you every week.

Dive into amazing facts about species and their habitats and get deeper into the subject with the links to other sites with additional information, more exciting pictures and field notes by the photographers.


Featured Nature Picture Library Image

Laurent Geslin / Wild Wonders of Europe / naturepl.com

The secret wildlife of London and Barcelona

August 18, 2010

French photographer Laurent Geslin completed two contrasting projects on urban wildlife for Wild Wonders of Europe. He documented the peregrines nesting on Gaudi's Sagrada Familia cathedral and hunting pigeons above the famous skyline of Barcelona.

In London, he focussed on the thriving red fox population, revealing their behaviour and resourcefulness as they live in close proximity to one of the most populous cities of Europe.

Click here to view a gallery of Laurent's urban foxes and peregrines, and contact us if you have any questions or would like to request more images from Wild Wonders of Europe or our wider NPL image collection.