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Welcome to the "HotShots" Galleries!

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Starting mid July 2010 the "HotShots" pages will reveal a Wild Wonder of Europe to you every week.

Dive into amazing facts about species and their habitats and get deeper into the subject with the links to other sites with additional information, more exciting pictures and field notes by the photographers.


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Staffan Widstrand / Wild Wonders of Europe / naturepl.com

Discover Europe's largest predator

July 28, 2010

The brown bear is one of the most widely distributed terrestrial mammals in the world. In Europe, its strongholds are in the east and north, with healthy populations in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Romania and the Balkans. In contrast, the Italian and Spanish populations are isolated and in decline, threatened by habitat loss and persecution, while reintroduction of the species into the Pyrenees has proved difficult and  controversial.

Wild Wonders of Europe missions photographed the European brown bear in Finland, Slovakia, Romania and the Russian Caucasus, capturing all kinds of interesting behaviour, including swimming, fighting, cubs playing and interaction with wolves.

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