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Welcome to the "HotShots" Galleries!

brought to you by Nature Picture Library

Starting mid July 2010 the "HotShots" pages will reveal a Wild Wonder of Europe to you every week.

Dive into amazing facts about species and their habitats and get deeper into the subject with the links to other sites with additional information, more exciting pictures and field notes by the photographers.


Featured Nature Picture Library Image

Stefano Unterthiner photographer / Wild Wonders of Europe / naturepl.com

Stefano Unterthiner

09th December 2011

Wild Wonders of Europe commissioned Europe's leading nature photographers to document the rich biodiversity of the continent. Today, we highlight the work of Stefano Unterthiner.

Stefano Unterthiner travels regularly all over the world, together with his wife Stéphanie, to look for new topics for his photographic stories. He has specialised in the lives of animals, which involves spending long periods of time with them. His pictures regularly earn him prizes in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and his work has been published by the leading international magazines, such as National Geographic.

For Wild Wonders of Europe he travelled to Poland to photograph bison, Greece to document Eleanora’s falcon and to Sweden to photograph cranes and swans in winter: “The mission I liked most was in Poland: I very much enjoyed the few moments I was able to be near to the bison herd deep in the forest... A very exciting experience. In Greece we spent 3 weeks in September, travelling between sunny and nice islands photographing the beautiful and rare Eleonora’s falcon: what more could I wish for? My mission with cranes and swans in Sweden, was probably the most productive and interesting from a point of view of producing images”.

To discover more about the 10,000+ amazing images available from the unique Wild Wonders of Europe project, check out the gallery pages of our website.

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The teams at NPL & Wild Wonders of Europe