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Welcome to the "HotShots" Galleries!

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Starting mid July 2010 the "HotShots" pages will reveal a Wild Wonder of Europe to you every week.

Dive into amazing facts about species and their habitats and get deeper into the subject with the links to other sites with additional information, more exciting pictures and field notes by the photographers.


Featured Nature Picture Library Image

Vincent Munier / Wild Wonders of Europe / naturepl.com

Vincent Munier

March 3rd 2011

Passionate about cold places, French photographer Vincent Munier was delighted to be commissioned to photograph wild reindeer and muskox in Norway. He chose to photograph the muskox in Dovrejfell National Park in challenging winter conditions and documented Europe’s last remaining population of  wild reindeer in Forollhogna National Park, as snow started to fall in late autumn.

Vincent grew up in the Vosges mountains close to nature and took his first wildlife photo of a deer aged 12. Since then he has devoted most of his time to nature photography always trying not to disturb the tranquillity of his subjects. He has a special affinity with wild cold places and one of his most successful books Blanc Nature is a study of animals in snow. Kamchatka and Clair de Brume (about the Vosges) and most recently Au fil des Songes are three other published books of his photos. He was winner three times consecutively of the Eric Hosking Award for a portfolio of images by a photographer aged 18-26 years in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.

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